For a top quality and professional install, the process must begin with a site specific design. Without proper design, the system will either fail, or not work efficiently.


We always take into account your home's water supply by performing a pressure & flow rate test to determine design capacity, providing there is an existing supply installed to the outside of your house (not to be confused with your 1/2” garden taps). If not a plumber will be required to install one.  In the case that there is no supply available to test at the time of a consultation, an estimate can still be provided; subject to the results of the pressure/flow rate upon the installation of the water supply.

Once design capacity has been determined, the design process can begin. Our estimator takes extensive measurements of your property and documents not only the dimensions of the area to be irrigated, but also observes any elevation changes, sunny/shady areas, and even soil type. All of these factors are taken into account during the design phase..


All major components of our system installations consist only of Hunter products, including the controller (timer), zone valves, and sprinkler heads/nozzles, not to mention any optional water saving add-ons such as a weather, flow, or soil sensors. For more information, visit our

WATER SMART options.


You can be confident that with the best warranty in the industry, you will enjoy a worry free irrigation system for many years to come.



All estimates are free of charge, but expire 30 days after date of submittal.



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