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Courtesy of Hunter Industries

We highly recommend to schedule your fall system blowout as soon as possible, as space and time is limited.


Our blowout season commences in mid-September and concludes at the end of October. Even if you wish to leave your system pressurized as late as possible, we still recommend getting on our list well in advance.


We make every effort to have our clients at home at the time of the blowout, in order for us to ensure the systems’ supply has been turned off properly and drained inside if applicable.  However we realize this sometimes is just not possible.  In this case it is up to you to ensure the system has been turned off correctly.


During the blowout process, we take every precaution necessary not to cause damage to any valves, piping or sprinkler heads. We take pride in our high and thorough safety standards. This includes never pushing more than 80 PSI of compressed air through PVC pipe, or 50 PSI through polyethylene pipe. Depending on the size of the pipe, opening 2 zones at the same time is prudent. Our blowout procedure is meticulous in order to prevent future damage to your system.





Please note: upon completion of the blowout, it is our practice to close all of the zone valves, whether they are located in a green valve box in the ground, or mounted on the side of the house. In addition, the outside hose bib connected to the supply will be left open for the winter. Before the system is re-pressurized in the spring, the hose bib must be closed first.You will want to remember to close this hose bib prior to pressurizing the system in the spring.



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